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Square Lashing

Square lashings are used to bind together two spars that are at right angles with one another.

i) Place the poles on the ground in the shape of a cross. Tie a clove hitch around the bottom pole near the crosspiece. Twist the free end of the rope around its standing part and tuck it out of the way. 
ii) Make three or four wraps around the spars, keeping the rope very tight. As you form the wraps, lay the rope on the outside of each previous turn around the crosspiece, and on the inside of each previous turn around the bottom pole. 
iii) Then wind three or four frapping turns around the wrapping to tighten the lashing as much as you can.  
iv) Finish it off with another clove hitch.


Diagonal Lashing

Diagonal lashings are used to lash to spars together other than at a right angle. 

i) Start by tying a timber hitch around both poles and pulling it snug. 
ii) Make four tight wraps around the spars, laying each wrap neatly alongside the timber hitch. 
iii) Make four more tight wraps across the first three. 
iv) Frap it three or four times and finish it off with a clove hitch.


 Sheer (or Shear) Lashing

Sheer lashing is used two lash two spars together. 

i) Lay two spars side by side. 
ii) Tie a clove hitch to one spar. 
iii) Make four loose wraps around the spars and four frapping turns between them. 
iv) Finish with a clove hitch.


Tripod Lashing

A Tripod lashing is made by laying three spars alongside each other, with the center spare pointing in the opposite direction to that of the outside spars. 

i) Tie a clove hitch around one outside pole. 
ii) Loosely wrap the spars five or six times, then make the frapping on either side of the center spar. 
iii) Finish the lashing with a clove hitch around the outside spar

Copyright 2004, xvbom